Research Department

The research concept of BOCI China originates from mature overseas markets. The development and expansion into A-share market in recent years has seen our research maintain the quality of prudence, rationale and high efficiency. With offices in Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai, BOCI China has established sector research teams with senior analysts at the lead.

Currently, there are nearly 50 people in Research Division, of which, 30 are senior analysts with Masters Degree or above. More than half of the employees have overseas educational backgrounds. They are armed with well-grounded knowledge of their respective sectors, and are capable of closely following international market movements and investorsí» demand to achieve an in-depth understanding and linkage between Hong Kong and the mainland.

BOCI Chinaí» s Research Department delivers a comprehensive and extensive range of research products, including macroeconomic research, industry and company research, risk analysis, capital flows and quantitative and technical analysis, fully backed by the unparallel strength of the resources and expertise across BOCI China. Now, we cover more than 20 sectors and sub-sectors. Extensive coverage and insights of research reports have helped enhance our market position. ?BOCI China not only provides reports for domestic and Hong Kong investors, but also international investors, QDII, and QFII customers.

Research coverage:
China and Hong Kong macro economic movements and policies
Strategy for A and H shares
Sector, sub-sector and listcos research, including:
Automotive, Chemicals, Consumer/Consumer Services, Energy,
Property, Financials, Industrials, Media/Tourism, Metals &
Mining, Pharmaceuticals, Small/Mid-Caps, Technology,
Telecoms, Transportation, Utilities and Derivatives.