BOCI Chinas ECM was established according to the organizational structure of an international investment bank. It is the specialized
financing products division of BOCI China.

Track of the capital market and the products research
With the in-depth analysis and long-term tracking of the capital market, ECM can provide regular and professional advice on
products, market analysis, and ideal window of opportunities for equity offering to IBD and our clients. It also offers suggestions
for their important decision-making during the financing process.

ECM plays an important role in execution of equity and equity-based product offering, including but not limited to: evaluation, risk
control, timing of issue, offering proposal, deal structuring, syndication, road show arrangements, book-building, pricing, allocation,
and etc.

The innovation of ECM
ECM offers the advanced experience of foreign capital market into China, and makes active explorations with the consideration of
the special environment of the A-share market. It gives constructive suggestions on offering methods, product designs, pricings and